Virginia is a Licensed Professional Counselor who received her Masters Degree in Counseling from the University of Georgia. Prior to opening her own practice, she worked at Samaritan Counseling Center. She is married with two children. Since 1989, Virginia has lived in Athens, Georgia, but before that has lived in New York, Washington, DC, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Savannah and traveled extensively.

Virginia appreciates how difficult it can be to make that first call to a counselor and is honored when a client seeks her out for counseling. She feels privileged to work with people who show the strength to reach out for help, open up about themselves, and seek assistance in improving their lives. Virginia works with the whole person -- mind, body, and spirit -- to unveil the client's own strengths and talents for changing his or her life. Virginia makes every reasonable effort to promote the welfare, autonomy, and best interests of families and individuals.